Here at Secure Payroll Service we specialise in providing a affordable payroll service to customers both large and small. With over 18 years of experience we can make payroll management run smoothly for you.

Secure Payroll Service is simple to use yet flexible and has been designed to remove the burden placed on employers through continuing legislative changes.

We base our payroll processing services on the timely collection of data from our clients by providing you with an input form that is designed to be as easy as possible to complete yet able to capture all of the information we need to process your payroll.

We then run the payroll on your behalf and to a high standard, and provide all payslips and reports together with a payroll summary in either paper or digital format. P45 certificates and all tax year end documentation including forms P60 and P35 are also provided.

The Secure Payroll Service provides payroll processing services on a scale which allows us to be more efficient and therefore more economic than an individual organisation’s own payroll department.

We are able to keep up to date with the increasing complexity of current regulatory requirements removing the need for you to dedicate your own resources to this task.