We offer a payroll processing service and we can provide this at a much lower cost than employing and operating an in-house payroll department. A payroll processing service can be utilised by large national companies’ right down to small businesses with only a few employees.

In effect we operate as your own payroll department, but for a fraction of the cost.

Entrusting us with a payroll processing service ensures that there is no need for costly setup and running costs that are associated with developing and managing your own payroll department and you have a wealth of experienced, knowledgeable professionals to help guide you through the payroll processes.

What’s included in Our Payroll Processing Service?

Our Payroll Processing Service includes:

• Payroll data processing
• Real time information submission to HMRC
• Auto enrolment summarising and navigation
• Laser printed or electronic payslips and reports
• Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services Payment Management
• HMRC BACS payments
• Provision of tailored reports
• File transfer and data export

Why Choose Our Payroll Processing Service?

Outsourcing your payroll processing service to us means that you are able to enjoy a flexible, tailored solution that suits your business and operates with a high level of skill, professionalism and experience, without the hassles of handling payroll solutions, which means your time could be invested into other aspects of your business.

Further Payroll Processing Service

Once we’ve completed your payroll processing service we can supply your business with further tailored solutions in order to manage further aspects of your employees information.

This includes:

• Current and year to date payroll information
• Summary details of each employee’s RTI, SSP, SMP and NIC data
• Printed P45’s for departing employees
• Continuous help and guidance

Our specialist team processes the payroll data of each employee and ensures that related information in regards to; salary, benefits, National Insurance and taxable payments are all calculated correctly.