What is Auto Enrolment?

Following the introduction of new workplace pension laws in 2012, there is now a requirement for every employer to offer a workplace pension. Whether you employ 1 person, or 1000 people every business will need to ensure they are complying with the legal requirements. This means that you will need to provide eligible employees with a qualifying workplace pension scheme, which the employer will be required to contribute a minimum rate for their members.

When does it affect me?

Auto-Enrolment will affect you when your staging date comes into force for your business. You will be notified by The Pensions Regulator when this date is. You can find out your staging date here http://www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk/employers/staging-date.aspx

What do I have to do – I need help?

Don’t worry, Secure Payroll Services are here to help you. We have lots of experience in dealing with Auto-Enrolment and are more than happy to assist you with all or part of your Auto-Enrolment process. We can take on the burden of preparing your business for Auto-Enrolment, from assessment, to communication, to re-assessment, to submission, to uploads, we can tailor our service to suit your requirements ensuring full compliance with all legal requirements.