Are You Working Too Much?

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The Working Time Directive came in to force in 1998, and prevents employers from making their employees work more than 48 hours in an average week. Research has demonstrated that establishing a work life balance is important for mental wellbeing. Before the Working Time Directive came in to law in the United Kingdom, there was… Read more »

Secure CIS Service

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The Secure CIS Service is designed to take away all the hassle from contractors that is involved in setting up and maintaining the system relating to the submission of information to HMRC, including verification of subcontractors. We will verify all of your subcontractors with HMRC on your behalf. The key aspect of the scheme is… Read more »

Payroll Outsourcing Opportunities

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Take advantage of outsourcing your clients’ payroll processing to the Secure Payroll Service. You will be able to free up your resources to be used on added value work for your practice, your clients can be seamlessly transferred onto our payroll processing system without ever knowing the difference. We will maintain your high standard of… Read more »

Electronic Submission for Small Businesses

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If you employ fewer than 50 employees HMRC will require you as an employer to file these forms online from the 6th April 2011 as standard practice. It is possible to do so now and this facility comes as a standard feature of the Secure Payroll Service once you have outsourced your payroll to us…. Read more »