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The Secure CIS Service is designed to take away all the hassle from contractors that is involved in setting up and maintaining the system relating to the submission of information to HMRC, including verification of subcontractors.

We will verify all of your subcontractors with HMRC on your behalf. The key aspect of the scheme is to ensure the correct deductions are made to the labour element of the invoices presented to you by your subcontractors. We will therefore check that you are paying the correct amount each time allowing you to concentrate on your main business needs.

The Secure CIS Service will generate the necessary statements in support of your payments to subcontractors. We will check that the correct deductions have been applied to the labour element of your subcontractor invoice in line with the CIS regulations.

Having over 18 years experience in the payroll industry with many clients benefiting from our expertise means that we are continuously dealing with and meeting HMRC’s extensive requirements.

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